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Amazon uses barcodes for many different applications such as;

Product ID

Amazon requires UPC barcodes with a GS1 Company Prefix registered to the brand owner. Bar Code Graphics facilitates both the process of creating barcodes with a licensed UPC Company Prefix directly from the GS1 US, and managing the UPC product data. Learn More

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Amazon FBA Barcode Labels

Amazon's systems are barcode-driven. Each item shipped to an Amazon Fulfillment Center requires a barcode so that it can be tracked throughout the fulfillment process.

Parts of an Amazon FBA Label:

  • A
    FNSKU is used by Amazon Fulfillment Centers Learn More
  • B
    Denotes Product Title And Description
  • C
    Describes Prouct Condition

Amazon FBA Label Pricing

Amazon FBA Barcode Labels are sold per label, with a $50 minimum for each Order Form submitted. Labels are printed on sheets (30 per sheet) using BCG Premium Grade Label Stock.

$0.05 Price/Label

* Minimum Order = $50

BCG FBA Order Form

Amazon FBA Product Label orders are placed using a BCG custom formatted Order Form.

Order Form img

Our Order Forms contain 2 worksheets (tabs):

Cover Sheet

Provides billing & shipping information and
displays copy of label format.

Order Form

Provides barcode & label values including the
number of labels needed.

Where & What are
Data Fields?

FBA Labels are used to identify items which are set-up/added in Seller or Vendor Central. This means that required data for an Amazon FBA label can be located in your Amazon Account.

  • Go to Manage inventory to view all products

  • To get FSNKU column to populate, use the
    Preferences: button on the top right of the page

  • Once enabled, user should have access to FNSKU, Product Name, and Condition

Transparency by Amazon

In 2017, Amazon launched the pilot of their "Transparency Program" as a mechanism to combat counterfeit products. The initiative provides customers peace of mind of regarding the authenticity of the products they purchase. Consumers can use an Amazon created mobile application to validate the authenticity, and also view detailed product data.

Amazon Transparency

Registered companies will identify the products they wish to be enrolled in the Transparency Program. The brand owner (company) will then purchase a certain number of traceability identifiers (unique 26-digit alphanumeric codes) from Amazon, which is provided in an Excel/CSV file. From that point on, the company will create 2D barcode labels from the individually unique identifiers and apply the 2D barcode label on each unit of that SKU that it produces. Essentially each item of the same SKU will have a different identifier code from all other items, like serialization. A condition of joining this program is that companies agree to mark all of their items of the designated SKUs, regardless of which channel is used. As part of the transitioning to the Transparency Program, there is a “flushing” period during which the brand’s existing non-2D barcoded items can continue to be sold globally. After the “flushing” period, all items of the SKU shipped to Amazon will be accepted only if the 2D barcode is on each unit. For any product that is not 2D stickered with a unique code provided by Amazon, Amazon will not accept the inventory, whether sold by the brand, another third-party seller or even Amazon Retail. At this point, only products with a 2D code will be considered authentic by Amazon, and only these units will be allowed for sale Amazon.

If a company enrolls in the program and one of its registered SKUs gets too many complaints from regarding validity, the brand will lose its accreditation in this program, and those previously enrolled products will be removed from the Transparency program.

The program in 2017 was free during the pilot period and companies should now expect to start charged fees for traceability identifiers in 2018. Initially, pricing is expected to be $0.04-$0.05 per identifier for fewer than 1 million identifiers $0.03/identifier for 1 million to 10 million identifiers, and about $0.01 per identifier for more than 10 million identifiers.

To learn more about the Transparency Program, visit

Bar Code Graphics is working with many pilot brands, and has available labeling solutions.

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