• Informational site regarding Global Trade Identification Numbers.

  • Informational site regarding GS1-128 data structure and Application ID.

  • Informational site regarding the changes to ISBN numbering beginning January 2007.

  • Informational site describing the process for obtaining and assigning UPC numbers.

BCG Websites

  • Primary site for Bar Code Graphics, Inc.
  • Online shopping cart for most BCG products.

  • UCC.EAN Certified SoftwareSsolution.
  • Online bar code engine (PrecisionCode) enables users to generate digital bar code files 24/7.
  • Online tech support available during business hours.

  • Testing portal customized for BCG retail partners.
  • Online reporting function for retail receiving locations to report non-compliance.

  • Specialty service which monitors over 100 retail trading partner websites and provides instant e-mail alerts involving changes to vendor manuals, EDI, or transportation information.
  • Bulletin Board Service was recently added to facilitate collaborative information sharing among our subscribers.